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Sonia Baschez

Hi! I’m Sonia Baschez, founder of Bend Growth Co, a marketing consultancy for exceptional startups.

For the last 4 years I’ve led growth at Atmos. I joined before they started YC, and stayed on through Seed (Bedrock, Sam Altman, Dylan Field, and more) and Series A (Khosla).

Along the way I’ve been fortunate to learn from some incredible mentors and coaches, and I realized how big a difference the right perspective can make. Yes, tactics and execution are everything, but understanding the vision is vital.

My biggest strength was always belief: I see the company you want to build, and I fully believe in your ability to build it.

My job is to help you get there.

Sonia Baschez

Full funnel support


  • Positioning
  • Branding
  • PR
  • Content
  • Events
  • Influencers


  • SEO
  • Ads
  • Influencers
  • Video
  • Referrals


  • Website
  • Email
  • Drips
  • Segmentation


  • Analytics
  • Email
  • Automation

1. Strategy

I start with a deep dive to understand where you are, where you want to be, and how we can get you there.

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2. Execution

Based on our strategy, we’ll pick the areas of focus that matter most to you, and I’ll go to town executing.

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3. Iteration

It’s never perfect on the first try. So we invest in systems and data, and iterate based on what we learn.

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A smarter way to grow.

Designed for startups that aren’t ready for a full-time marketer, but want someone experienced to help kick-start their growth function.


90% async

Just one meeting per month.


Manage with Trello

Or wherever your team works!


Part of your team

It's better when we all work together.


Unlimited requests

I deliver one task every 72 hours-ish.


Pause or cancel anytime

No long-term contracts.


Flat monthly fee

No surprises or worries.


Measurable ROI

I create measurable impact on your growth.


Cheaper than a FTE

Great for startups who aren't ready for a full-time marketer.


No onboarding

I'm ready to hit the ground running.


Senior experience

More reliable results than a junior freelancer.


Original ideas

I bring fresh perspective to your team.


I'm in

I love winning together, and I'm fully bought into your team.

Plans & Pricing

Pause or cancel anytime

Fractional CMO


checkStrategy kickoff

checkWeekly checkin

checkMonthly review

checkI handle the execution

checkOne task at a time



checkStrategy kickoff

checkWeekly checkin

checkYou handle the execution

Happy clients :)

Nick Donahue

Sonia has been instrumental to the marketing function at Atmos since the earliest days of the company.

On top of just being a pleasure to work with, she did excellent work on everything from defining our positioning and ICP to writing website copy, optimizing our funnel, and getting press (four times!).

She was always ready to step in wherever it was needed most, and she always believed in me. I’d recommend working with her if you can.

Nick Donahue

CEO of Atmos

Amber Illig

Sonia has been a game changer for my fund, The Council, and many of our portfolio companies.

She helped me launch The Council out of stealth with a Forbes article—exactly as I wanted—and has helped me figure out how we’re conveying ourselves to the world in our essays, slide decks, and messaging.

She’s also the top advisor that portfolio companies want to speak to and consistently gets rave reviews from those founders. Can’t recommend her more highly.

Amber Illig

GP at The Council

Katherine D'Zmura Friedman

We’ve only been working with Sonia for a couple months and already she’s made a huge impact on our team and business: whether it’s how to approach potential customers, guiding us on the best way to think about how we’re pitching ourselves, and making sure we’re ready for coming out of stealth.

Not only does she have great ideas that we almost always follow, she’s even recommended two additional contractors that we’ve brought on to help us with some additional work.

Katherine D'Zmura Friedman

CEO of Thumbprint

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of work do you do and not do?keyboard_arrow_down

I do strategy, high-level content, PR, conversion optimization, high-level paid acq, events/community, and source and manage any specialists we might want to work with

I don’t specialize in social media marketing, technical SEO, heavy content generation, etc

What happens if I want to cancel halfway through the month?keyboard_arrow_down

We offer prorated refunds.

How does pausing subscriptions work?keyboard_arrow_down

Stripe offers “pause” functionality, so if you pay at the beginning of the month and decide to pause halfway through, you’ll have two weeks left on your current pay period that you can use before you’ll be charged again for the next period, once you decide to resume.

What happens if you’re sick or on vacation?keyboard_arrow_down

If I’m taking time off, I’ll let you know as soon as I know, and I’ll pause all subscriptions for the duration of my time off. I’ll work with you to make sure we have a solid plan for making sure everything runs smoothly while I’m out.

Why the flat fee and not an hourly or per project rate?keyboard_arrow_down

This setup (the flat fee, the systematized work process, minimal meetings, etc) helps me reduce admin overhead. I want to spend as much of my time as possible creating value for clients, and as little time on admin as possible.

Tracking hours or negotiating projects takes a non-trivial amount of time, and it creates uncertainty for startups about how much they’ll be billed each month. I’d rather establish a predictable, steady drip of value, in exchange for a predictable, steady fee.

What’s are some examples of tasks that you turn around in ~72 hours?keyboard_arrow_down

  • Write a drip campaign
  • Set up a google ads campaign
  • Analyze funnel data and come up with suggestions for changes to test
  • Research competitors
  • Write a doc detailing an ideal customer profile

What’s the difference between this and a traditional agency?keyboard_arrow_down

Most agencies and freelancers specialize in one particular thing (e.g. paid acquisition, SEO, copywriting), and while this is great for larger businesses that know exactly what they need, this usually doesn’t work for startups. It ends up being really expensive, and to the specialist with a hammer, every marketing problem looks like a nail. In my experience startups benefit from a more flexible, experimental, and holistic approach—and the predictable monthly flat fee helps a lot, too.