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Sonia Baschez

Hi! I’m Sonia Baschez, founder of Bend Growth Co.

For the last 4 years I’ve led growth at Atmos. I joined after they graduated from YC, and stayed on through Seed (Bedrock, Sam Altman, Dylan Field, and more) and Series A (Khosla).

Along the way I’ve been fortunate to learn from some incredible mentors and coaches, and I realized how big a difference the right perspective can make.

My biggest strength was always belief: I believe in founders. I see the company you want to build, and I fully believe in on your ability to build it.

My job is to help you get there.

How it works

I always start with a strategy deep dive. Who are your customers? Why do they love your product? How are they finding you now? What is your vision? What are your priorities?

From there, I create a growth strategy proposal. I focus on the few key things that will move the needle for you immediately, and connect it to a longer term plan for scalable, profitable growth. For an idea of the kinds of things I do, scroll down to the “Typical tasks” section.

Then we get started! I like to manage work in Notion, but I’m happy to use whatever tool you’d like to break projects into tasks and keep everyone in the loop. I like to become a true embedded member of your team, so it typically makes sense to invite me into your Slack or wherever work happens.

Once we’ve been going for a week or two, I’ll start sending regular status updates with progress on the inputs (tasks I perform) and outputs (metrics and results). I’ve found monthly to be a good cadence for bigger syncs where we can digest what we’ve learned and adjust as we go.

Typical tactics

Here are some of the ways I typically help startups. I unapologetically wear a lot of hats 😅


  • Positioning

  • Messaging

  • Defining the ICP

  • Identifying channels to focus on


  • Content 

    • Blog

      • Competitive research

      • Keyword research

    • Video

      • Competitive research

      • Idea brainstorming 

    • Social

      • Competitive research

      • Brand voice / example tweets

      • Help sourcing a freelancer

  • PR

    • Research journalists

    • Create a list

    • Do outreach

    • Track results

  • Paid

    • Facebook / IG

    • Google

    • YouTube

    • Influencer


  • Sales collateral

    • Decks

    • Scripts

    • Presentations

  • Website

    • Homepage copy

    • Other website content


  • Website

    • Onboarding funnel conversion optimization 

    • In-product contextual onboarding

  • Email

    • Newsletters

    • Onboarding sequences

    • Drip campaigns

    • Segmentation

  • SMS

    • (same as email)

Metrics / Infrastructure

  • Analytics

  • CRM

  • Marketing automations


For now, I charge a flat rate of $3,995 per month. You can pause or cancel at any time, but all payments are up-front. The price will go up over time for new clients so it helps to get started now if you want to lock in that rate.

I also offer a coaching package, which is $995 per month and includes one weekly meeting where we can go over strategy, interpret data, and brainstorm ideas. The difference is you’d be doing the execution yourself here whereas with my Fractional CMO clients I do strategy and execution.